Keeping Up With The Manginellis

First of all, I hope you had a great Thanksgiving.  My parents came down from Idaho to visit so we had a really special time.  The highlight of the weekend was definitely me falling down the stairs.  My body was bruised.  My ego was crushed.  🙂  Long story short, it was slippery, I was holding Rohan and it hurt like heck.  Serious heck.  Since I was holding him I had no arms to stop myself.  Little one made it without a mark…but Dad wasn’t so lucky.  Ha.  It’s good to be 31 and feel like you’re 80.  But I’m bald, so I’m already a bit used to it.

Last week I updated everyone with my One Year Blog, but I wanted to write and actually just catch you up on how we are doing, and what God is doing and where we need your prayers and love.
First, let me catch you up on what everyone really cares about…our boys.  Jacob is doing really well.  He is in a 5 day preschool and loves every minute of it.  He actually cries on Saturdays when there is no school to go to.  He is making friends and growing up.  He has already played two rounds of soccer and is getting set for some tee-ball in the spring.  His imagination is wild and contagious.  The best part about him right now is his heart.  He loves Jesus and he loves people.  So many of our conversations are about this growing desire in his heart to help people.  We are so proud of him.
Rohan is a bulldog.  He is also doing really well, though we are in a “fun” parenting season with him.  He has found head-butting to be his favorite activity when feeling sad, angry, happy or playful.  So that is fun. :/ Let’s just say Jake also has a few bruises.  But Rohan is such a joy.  Growing up so much.  He’s starting to say his first words and loves being outside more than anything in the world.  All he wants to do is go outside and play in the yard.
The church?  It’s actually happening.  7 months ago there were 8 people in my living room.  Now, there are around 40 adults with us every Sunday night.  Probably about 50-55 people would consider The Square their home, but people missing is just the nature of church.  It’s incredible to watch.  Honestly…I’m so humbled by what God has done.  He has been faithful to what he said he was going to do.  He is building a house for prodigals and creating a beautiful church out of the dust (and spiderwebs in the garage).  We have so much left to accomplish, but God is so clearly with us it’s remarkable.
We are also in the process of moving out of our garage and taking over a building in the heart of our neighborhood.  Details are still being figured out, but we are really excited about what God is doing.  The property needs a great deal of repair, but we believe God is doing to lead us into the resources we need to get this building up and running.  We will have more details on this soon, and we will share them with you once we do.
Emily and me?  I think the only thing we can say is that we are so overwhelmed by the faithfulness of Jesus that it has overcome all difficulties.  Everyday we are experiencing the evidence of God leading us, providing for us and showing up the way he promised.  It has changed us.  And we are doing really really well.  Poor at times.  Stretched at times.  Lonely at times.  And in all of those moments, God is faithful.
Here are a few things that we would love for you to pray alongside with us…
*  We are hosting a large Christmas celebration and outreach on December 22nd. It’s our first attempt at reaching out to our community.  Please pray for God’s favor and that our neighbors would come and hear the message of Jesus.
*  My car is on its last legs.  I took it into the shop and they looked at me and said, “Your transmission is about to die.  Could take 6 days.  Could take 6 months.  But when it goes, it will cost more than your car is worth.”  So…soon enough we are going to have to figure that out.  Please pray for God’s provision to this need.
*  Keep our team in your prayers.  Mitch, Marina, Seth, Megan, Maureen and Annie have all sacrificed so much.  They are my heroes.
*  God would lead us in our transition out of our house and into a building.  We need his leadership, wisdom and resources to make this happen well.
Love you all.  Thank you for being in our life and standing by us.  If I can say one thing to all of you, it would simply be this…say yes to Jesus.  Please.  Whatever he wants to do with your life, it’s better than what you want to do with your life.  He will never fail you.
Phil & Em

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