A little bit goes a long way.

There is a video helping introduce this blog.  If you haven’t seen it, you can catch it here:  https://vimeo.com/56024545

Emily and I arrived in Atlanta about 2 weeks ago and have spent the last few weeks settling in and getting our family settled in our new land.  Before we left Seattle one of our main goals was raising funds to help move our family and team to Atlanta and launch the process of planting a church.  We were blown away by the generosity of our friends and church family who were so kind to give.  Several times during the process of fundraising people looked at the large need and said to me, “Let us know when you have some specific needs, we will want to give to those.”

I heard it enough that I realized Christmas would be a great place to let you know of some small (and larger) specific needs for our family and team as we plant this church.  So here is a list of some specific needs we have that you may want to help us with.  Thank you for your overwhelming generosity and know that you are loved and missed.  Merry Christmas and may your home be blessed.

1.  The Gift of Bibles, Discipleship and Care Resources | One of the main things that I have found as a pastor that God often leads me into an intersection moments in people’s lives.  Whether they are at a personal crossroads, in the midst of suffering, or at a point of questioning about faith they are often at a point where they are looking for a next step.  One need we have as a church plant is to build up our resources of Bibles, new believer materials, discipleship books and resources for people in need.  A gift you could give is giving towards this or buying some specific books that we often give away or use in discipleship as God brings us people.  (Feel free to email me at philmanginelli@gmail.com if you want to purchase some specific books)

2.  The Gift of Transportation | As many of you know, Emily and I aren’t the only ones moving to Atlanta.  Seth, Megan, Maureen, Annie, Mitch, Marina and Sierra are also diving in with us.  Several of our team members are selling everything to follow Jesus and help us plant this church.  I know they are working and saving as much as they can, but finances are still going to be very tough.  Several of them will need to purchase cars upon arriving in Atlanta and you would be surprised how much a little bit could help them in this.  Consider praying about giving towards helping them afford a car in Atlanta.

3.  The Gift of a Coffee Date with Jesus (and a Team Member) | As we plant this church…there’s going to be a lot of one on one’s in coffee shops.  And believe me…I’m not complaining.  One thing that I learned from the last 6 years in Seattle is the ability to just sit down and buy someone coffee is a huge road to being authentic and sharing the gospel with them.  Truthfully, I’ve ministered more in coffee shops then I ever have in a church building.  A great gift could be as simple as some Starbucks Gift Cards for our team to have the freedom to reach out to people in Atlanta and see Jesus move.

4.  The Gift of the Silver Screen | If you know MC4 then you know that videos have been a huge part of the way we communicate in ministry.  From just being idiots to sharing the depths of God’s love, videos are a medium that will be very central in planting our church.  We need to purchase the materials to get this all started.  Cameras, software, etc.  Consider helping us get this launched and maybe I can make you your own MC4 news. 🙂

5.  The Gift of Caring for Our Kids | One of the greatest benefits of working at MC4 was being able to have Jake in our World Class Preschool. (And if you think I’m just being nice I’m not.  Our Preschool is remarkable and if you have little ones you should get them involved)  With the move, Preschool is a new expense that we are trying to make happen and believe is important for Jake and soon enough Rohan.  We have found that Preschool is a bit more expensive down South and are considering finding a local preschool or doing a home school collaboration to serve our kids and also reach out to families in our area.  Either way…we need resources to make this happen.  Maybe the gift you can give this year is loving on our kiddos.

Thank you so much for your love and support.  There may be something that is on your heart to give that we didn’t write about and know that we would be honored to by any form or act of generosity towards our mission.  Any gifts you want to give can be made out to Mill Creek Foursquare Church.  You can give online at mc4s.org (under the resources tab is online giving and you can select the Atlanta Church Plant and write a specific memo for what you are giving towards) or send something directly to the church.

God bless and have an amazing Christmas.


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